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Joel Matta, M.D.

Mohit Bhandari, M.D.
Director of Research

David Dodgin, M.D.

Stefan Kreuzer, M.D.
Director of Education




Welcome to the Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty Collaborative (ATHAC).

This web site is devoted to the clinical and research ideas and activities of surgeons performing the anterior approach for hip replacement as described.

We seek to document, present and publish our results using traditional as well as innovative measures. We also seek to disseminate and teach this technique.

It is our hypothesis that this technique offers immediate and long term patient benefits as well as health care cost savings. Whether these hypotheses are widely supported in the future will depend on the results of clinical research, acceptance by health care providers and possibly most important, patient preferences which will become a driving force in the health care market.

The Anterior THA Collaborative accepts research funding from commercial and non-commercial entities. Research protocols and data gathering, presentation and publication however is determined and conducted independent of the contributors. The research protocols include data on patients who have received a variety of hip prostheses from a variety of manufacturers.

This website is not supported by orthopedic product manufacturers.

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